Frankenstein at Why Not Theatre

Enter Copy

By: Tanja Mastilo
At: Bådteatret
Playing: 27th November  – 18th December 2024

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ENTER COPY focuses on technology, escapism and trauma processing and asks the question: Can technology be used to improve mental health – and should it?

ENTER COPY takes place in the same world as our podcast drama series How Copy. It takes the same characters and puts them in different setting. However the characters still have the same motivation –
they want to soothe their pain and suppress difficult feelings in a not so distant future where a newly developed technology promises to do just that: A chance to enter a copy of a world where everything is perfect.



Sue Hansen-Styles

Nathan Meister

Bennet Thorpe

Nathan Meister

Daniel Ash

Written by

Tanja Mastilo

Directed by

Jacob Stage

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