Why Not Theatre Company has been providing audiences in Denmark with professional theatre in English since 2007.

Our productions are carefully selected to appeal to a diverse audience, cutting across international and cultural barriers.

Our Vision

Powerful theatre that moves, inspires and engages.

Our Mission

  • To produce small cast, professional theatre in English.
  • To explore texts of high literary quality.
  • To tell thought-provoking stories that hook our audiences.
  • To create exceptional theatre that unlocks the emotions and inspires debate.
  • To earn critical acclaim and attract a broad audience.


Reumert 2021

Our wonderful in-house writer Tanja Mastilo was awarded the prestigious Danish theatre award, Reumert, for “Playwright of the Year 2021” for her powerful piece The Cheyenne are Leaving. The play was performed at Teatret ved Sorte Hest last autumn.


CPHCulture 'Best of 2021 Nominations'

      . Honorary award: Sue Hansen-Styles (Happy Days)

      . Best Director of the Year: Peter Dupont Weiss (Happy Days og Erna i Krig)

CPHCulture 'Best of 2019/2020 Nomination'

  • Best Director of the season: Solbjørg Højfeldt (Dance With Me)
  • Best female lead of the season: Sue Hansen-Styles (Dance With Me)
  • Best production of a Classic play: Dance With Me

CPHCulture 'Best of 2018/2019 Nomination'

  • Best foreign play: Mairead by Tanja Mastilo.

CPHCulture 'Best of 2017/2018'

  • Nomination for Best Actress: Sue Hansen-Styles (The Art of Falling).
  • Best foreign play: The Art of Falling.

CPHCulture 'Best of 2016 Nominations'

  • Best female lead of the year (Sue Hansen-Styles, VITA & VIRGINIA).
  • Best classic presentation: VITA & VIRGINIA.

CPHCulture 'Best of 2015/16 Nominations'

  • Best director: Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen, for SECRETS and others.
  • Best foreign play: LOVE AND MONEY.
  • Biggest breakthrough: Malte Frid-Nielsen, for LOVE AND MONEY and others.

CPHCulture 'Best of 2014/15'

  • Best female lead of the year (Sue Hansen-Styles, WIT).
  • Best foreign play of the year (WIT).
  • Nomination for best play of the year (WIT).
  • Link: Read more here (in Danish).

Information 'Best of 2014/15':


Welcome to Why Not Theatre Company!

Sue Hansen-Styles
Artistic Director

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Dates: 6th - 28th January 2023
Place: Teatret ved Sorte Hest