mairead cinema

Various movie theatres | 2024


By: Tanja Mastilo
At: Various movie theatres
Playing: 2024

★★★★★ “MAIREAD is both gripping and mysterious and is certainly among the best new
dramas in Copenhagen currently” – CPHCulture
★★★★★ “I give MAIREAD at Sorte Hest Theatre five stars, for courageous and challenging theatre,
that certainly doesn’t make life easy for its audience” – POV
★★★★★“MAIREAD is brilliantly written by the young Danish-Serbian Tanja Mastilo who, with a
hint of claustrophobic suspense à la Agatha Christie, and a provocative lack of redemption à la
Beckett, has created an exciting, intense story which actually questions the differences between
ants, lions and people. A new little classic has been born.” – Sceneblog
★★★★★ “At the end of the play, we are again emotionally battered by the poor characters on
stage, and once again totally spellbound. Concepts like love, passion and revenge will never be the
same again after having seen MAIREAD. “ – Scenekanten
★★★★★ “Audiences were witness to no less than a World Premiere at the little theatre in
Vesterbro.”- Kultirtid 

From live theater to sound theater in the dark


The world premiere of Reumert winner Tanja Mastilo’s MAIREAD was performed by Why Not Theater Company as a play at Teatret ved Sorte Hest in 2019. The performance was praised both by reviewers and the audience. Now, as something completely new and unique, we perform MAIREAD as a surround-sound drama – or “theatre in the dark”: no visible actors, no scenography….no distractions at all. Sit back, close your eyes, relax and just listen. Become part of a shared listening experience.

Listen to this exciting drama as it unfolds and let your imagination go to work. The dream of love turns into a nightmare.

MAIREAD is a real mystery. Four people are locked up in four small cells without knowing how or why they ended up there. How do they get out? Who is holding them captive? They have only one thing in common: the woman Mairead. As they try to solve the mystery, their different love stories come to the surface. Peter is Mairead’s ex-husband. Noah met Mairead online 2 years ago. Kate is one of Noah’s many mistresses. Mairead longs for an honest relationship where you love equally.

Unfortunately, reality does not live up to the dream. Now they are sitting in their own isolation. In desperation, the four prisoners try to reach out to each other. They want to get out, but discover so many unanswered questions in their relationship. It becomes an intricate web of human relationships. Big feelings. Memories. Regret. Miss. Hate. Remorse. Revenge. Broken hearts.


Sue Hansen-Styles

Nathan Meister

Kerry Norton

Kevin Kiernan-Molloy


Tanja Mastilo

Sound technician 

Barry Wesil

Recorded at:

The Village Studio/Thomas Vang


Sound design:

David Elberling