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Valby Prøvehallen | Nov 2007 

Snake in the grass

By: Alan Aykbourn
At: Valby Prøvehallen
Playing: November 2007

Our very first production, Snake in the Grass, is one of Alan Ayckbourn’ s newer plays. Aykbourn is one of Great Britain’s most successful and productive dramatists. His first play was produced in 1959 and since then he has written more than 50 pieces for the theatre. It is said that only Shakespeares’ works are performed more often than Ayckbourn.

Snake in the Grass has many elements: comedy, thriller and psychological drama. It tackles head-on the somewhat tabu and controversial topic of domestic violence.


Sue Hansen-Styles

Nathalie Johnston

Christina Hildebrandt


Alan Aykbourn

Directed by

Barry McKenna