Frankenstein at Why Not Theatre

Bådteatret | Apr 2016

love and money

By: Dennis Kelly
At: Bådteatret
Playing: 7th – 29th April 2016

★★★★★“Bådteatret is the perfect setting for this play. The hull of the ship creates a dark
and claustrophobic atmosphere, drawing the audience deeper into the production’s twisted
satire.” – CPHPost
★★★★  ”Why Not Theatre byder atter på intelligent og vedkommende teater” -CPHCulture 

Money can’t buy love but debt can certainly cost relationships.

Dennis Kelly’s remarkable “Love and Money” holds a cracked mirror up to our modern world of easy credit and compulsive shopping.

Compelling, poignant, and disturbingly funny; Jess and David’s marriage twists and burns with intolerable debt, driving them to desperate measures…

“Love and Money” was first performed at The Studio, Royal Exchange Theatre on 27th October 2006, as part of a Young Vic/Royal Exchange co-production”.

Dennis Kelly, born in 1970, is an internationally acclaimed British writer for film, TV and theatre.


Sue Hansen-Styles

Sira Stampe

Bennet Thorpe

Malte Joe Frid-Nielsen


Dennis Kelly

Directed by

Mia Lipschitz