Life x3

We have the power to shape our lives in a positive way..... whether we choose to or not is up to each individual.

In Yasmina Reza ́s Life x 3 we meet four people who live – and re-live the evening feared by many....unexpected guests. The characters each have their own issues and personal agendas which they try to deal with in three rather different ways while we, the audience, experience the "same" scenario in triplicate.

In Why Not Theatre’s production of Life x 3 the audience becomes “voyeur” as the four characters play out their manipulating and sometimes cruel battle of power on stage. Changing only relatively small things, Reza shows how differently events can unfold.

Life x 3 deals with a rollercoaster of emotions and shows Reza’s dark, comic ability at its best.


Life x3

By: Yasmina Reza


When: March 2009
Where: Valby Prøvehallen, Copenhagen