Barry Wesil


Nathan Meister

Music/Sound, Technical Assistant

With a background in music recording, composition and performance, Barry made the leap a few years ago into the world of theatre. Starting out as Production Assistant at Theatre Zeppelin, one of Copenhagen’s best known childrens’ theatres, Barry worked on 2 Reumert award-winning productions: “Under Haddys Skjold” og “Frost Brødrene”.

Shortly after that, Barry started working with Why Not Theatre Company as Director’s Assistant in the 2016 production of “Vita & Virginia”. He then took on a more creative role in 2017’s “Mr Tesla Played”, one of Why Not’s original pop-up productions.

As well as being part of the creative process, Barry served as Technical assistant on “Mr Tesla Played” and also assumed Stage Manager duties for the local and international tour productions.

Within the last few years Barry has been writing and composing music and sounds for Why Not Theatre Company. Starting with the highly acclaimed “Mairead” in 2019. Barry also wrote and performed all the musical interludes in Why Not Theatre’s pop-up success “Sympathy for Sorrow” and more recently he produced some original music for the 2020 production “The Cheyenne are leaving”

Barry continues his collaboration with Why Not Theatre Company and hopes to be able to contribute to future productions not only as an “all-rounder” but also with his music compositions.