Nathalie Johnston


Nathan Meister

Nathalie trained part-time at the Sylvia Young Theatre School, Greenwich Youth Theatre
and the Anna Sher Youth Theatre as well as at Kingston University. Having moved to
Denmark in 1991 with her Danish husband, Nathalie taught English for 10 years at
Statistics Denmark. She also worked as a journalist for a pilot English news programme
together with Ritzau Bureau. She joined an English language theatre group and enjoyed
playing many and varied parts in their productions. She has also played in several Danish
films/tv series including The Killing and The Wild Swans.
In 2007, she decided to set up Why Not Theatre Company with her good friend and fellow
thespian Sue Hansen-Styles. However, due to family commitments, Nathalie moved back
to England in 2009, leaving Why Not in Sue’s very capable hands.
In the last 5 years, Nathalie has been actively involved in several productions from The
Canterbury Players and other theatre groups, playing at the Marlowe Theatre and The
Gulbenkian. She has also taken part in a reality television show for Channel 4, called The
French Collection.