The Cheyenne are Leaving


”The Cheyenne are Leaving” is set in a fictive world, destroyed by a war.

Noel is a reclusive writer who, because of the war, has isolated himself from the outside world. One day a mysterious young man, Leon, knocks on his door. An unlikely pair with not much in common, soon they need to help each other find their place in the cruel world that surrounds them and take an important decision about their survival.

A newly written, intimate psychological drama, ”The Cheyenne are Leaving” explores the real meaning of ‘home’ and digs deeper into finding out how far we will all go to hang onto the world as we know it.

Why Not Theatre Company proudly presents the world premiere of Tanja Mastilo’s new play, which is an exploration of the plight of the refugee.


Photos: Aleksandar S. Mastilo

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This production is made possible due to generous support from: William Demant Fonden, Københavns Kommune Scenekunstudvalg, Danske Dramatikere, Knud Højgaards Fond, Konsul George Jorck og Hustru Emma Jorck's Fond and Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond

The Cheyenne are Leaving

By: Tanja Mastilo


When: 13 November - 5 December 2020
Where: Teatret ved Sorte Hest


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