Mr. Tesla Played

...and electrified the world


Mr Tesla Played is the story of a deeply fascinating man and his drive, inventiveness and need to create. It is about his self-control, altruism and his eccentric and principled lifestyle. It is also the story of the loneliness and isolation an inventive soul can experience, when the scale of his ambition is way ahead of his time.

Nikola Tesla, who is claimed by many to be the true father of the electric age, is the classic unsung hero.


Mr Tesla Played is a monologue performed in an intimate setting, allowing the audience to get up close and personal with Tesla. We tell the story of how the smart guys don't always win against the less smart.

NB The performance is in English

Nikola Tesla: Nathan Meister

Writer: Tanja Mastilo

Created by: Sue Hansen-Styles, Barry Wesil, Tanja Mastilo, Nathan Meister and Mr Peach

Graphics: Kristel Pent

Graphic design: Kenneth Kikkenborg

Music: Louise Hjorth Hansen



Performed as a Why Not Pop Up production at various venues in Copenhagen and beyond. With support from København Kommunes Scenekunstudvalg.




Mr. Tesla Played

By: Tanja Mastilo





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