Mia Lipschitz


Mia Lipschitz graduated from The National Danish Theatre School in 2008. She also holds an MA in Directing from Goldsmiths University of London (2000-2001).

Since her Copenhagen debut "Goldberg Variations" by Georg Tabori, Mia has been directing in a variety of venues in Denmark and abroad. Mia has a deep interest in developing and discussing contemporary writing. Besides her directing work, Mia teaches at Statens Scenekunstskole's Writing and Directing departments.

Her work includes:

"En lille båd, der Gynger" and "Romeo & Juliet #4"  - Contact/Edison

"Realism" by Anthony Neilsson and "Nekrologer" by Årgang 2012 - Århus Theatre

"Himmelweg" by Jorge Mallorga and "Deathroute" by Eventministeriet - The Royal Danish National Theatre

"Julie" - a free adaptation inspired by Strindberg and "The European Medias" by Nielsen - Odense Theatre

"BCNU" by Anna Bro - Teater GROB

"The Lesson" - Teater ved Sorte Hest

"Trofast" by Thomas Lagermand Lundme and "Sange om Mor" by Peter Khouri - Teater Får302

"Love and Money" by Dennis Kelly marks Mia's first directing role with Why Not Theatre Company.

Mia Lipschitz


Appears In

Love and Money