Dick by name, Dick by nature

Dick hates his name. Dick hates his body. Dick hates everyone. Most of all he hates his dick. Nevertheless, all this frustration might just end up being his salvation.

In a confession style monologue, the self-deprecating Dick shares his life experiences - from early childhood bullyings to failed sexual experiences with both sexes.

Dick’s world centres around his misshapen penis and his failure to live up to the sexual stereotypes he discovered in porn as an adolescent avoiding a dysfunctional family.

This new play by Reumert award winner Tanja Mastilo delves into the world of a very unique creature in contemporary society: The misunderstood white middleaged male.

Andrew Jeffers performs the character Dick with vulnerability, humour and a touch of darkness, displaying all his wonderful storytelling skills.

Written by Tanja Mastilo and directed by Nina Larissa Bassett.

Illustrations by Christian Down.


We are sad to report that DICK has been cancelled due to illness. Please contact us about ticket refunds. Thank you for understanding.


By: Tanja Mastilo


When: 5th - 9th May 2022
Where: Bådteatret, Nyhavn 16 Z, 1051