Even if you are familiar with Shakespeare's classic story Othello, you will never have heard this side of the story before. Desdemona, a Play about a Handkerchief, by Paula Vogel, addresses the age-old tale through the perspectives of three very different women: Othello's wife, Desdemona, her maid, Emilia and Bianca, a local prostitute.

In her comic deconstruction of Shakespeare's Othello, Vogel mixes fast-paced humour with serious questions as to the role of women through the ages. But instead of the classic, naive , passive and wrongly accused virginal Desdemona, here she is portrayed as Othello's worst nightmare: a cynical, promiscuous aristocrat. Three strong women show just how destructive female relationships can be in a male-dominated world.


Photos: Tai Segel (PanCake Beaver)


By: Paula Vogel


When: April 2012
Where: Bådteatret, Copenhagen

Directed by

Barry McKenna


Lindsay McGill
Sue Hansen-Styles
Angela Heath-Larsen


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