Frankenstein at Why Not Theatre

Bådteatret | May 2015

A Tender thing

By: Ben Power
At: Bådteatret
Playing: 22nd May – 13th June 2015

”Det er kærligheden der vinder, også i livet og døden. Det er stor og nødvendig teaterkunst. Se
den, hvis du tør!” – Michael Svennevig
★★★★“‘A Tender Thing’ er en stærk og tankevækkende forestilling.” – Kulturtid
★★★★“Anything but plain sailing, a theatre experience you’ll never forget” – CPHPost
★★★★★“Det er naturligvis det lille teaterselskab
Why Not Theatre, der igen har fundet et kvalitetskuespil (…)” – CPHCulture
“Smukt og desperat.” – Information

Another Romeo and another Juliet in a strikingly different love story.

Imagine if Romeo and Juliet had lived and loved another 40 years.

Shakespeare’s timeless poetry provides the backdrop to this elegaic, delicate and powerfully moving account of love, old age, memories and the unbearable pain of sweetly sorrowful parting.

‘Is love a tender thing? It is too rough. Too rude, too boisterous, and it pricks like thorn’

Ben Power has taken Romeo and Juliet and re-imagined it. With Shakespeare’s words he has woven a provocative, powerful and achingly beautiful new tale of love.


Sue Hansen-Styles

Andrew Jeffers

Andrew Jeffers


Ben Power

Directed by

Barry McKenna